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Founded by Mr. C.S. Wasan, a self made businessman, rose to heights through his hard work and self education, became one of the pioneers in Sports Goods Industry. He first travelled abroad on business in 1939. His Son, Mr. Satish Wasan & Grandson, Mr. Kumar Wasan are flying the family flag high.
Mr. Satish Wasan son of Mr. C.S. Wasan, joined the business in 1954 & has been Managing Director ever since. His hobbies are to care, to share and to serve and since service to humanity is the best work of life, anything related to it is his pass time. His mission is to always upgrade processes and products and to see India on the world map of sporting goods suppliers.
Mr. Kumar Wasan, son of Mr Satish Wasan is the Sales Director of Wasan Exports. Due to his continuous hard work, Wasan Exports is now exporting around the world. He is always open to the idea of bringing in new technique  in the Sporting Goods Industry.
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