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Rugby Ball
Code: RB-3P

  • Hand stitched laceless 3Ply ball with outstanding pimple grip.
  • Designed for all conditions

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Code: RB - 3PD

  • Suitable for all levels of the game.
  • Deep pimple emboss for lasting all weather grip.
  • 3 ply canvas lining provides shape and size retention.

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Code: RB - 3 Pe

  • For use in standard and match training, Suitable for any age.
  • Lively kicking performance and professional standard high grip.

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Code: RB 3 PM

  • Hand stitched laceless ball with outstanding pimple grip.

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Code: RB - 2P

  • Exellent grip, An ideal school training ball.
  • Great value for money

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Rugby Head Guard

Code: TBA

  • Designed for maximum ventilation during playing or training. Redesigned foam pattern gives greater protection.¬†

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Kicking Tee
Code: ACC-006

  • It is constructed from moulded rubber and is ideal for all ages and all levels of ability

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Basic Kicking Tee
Code: 13 (A)

  • With four moulded ball mount points.

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  Adjustable kicking tee, 2 piece
   Code: 13 (I)

  • Heavy moulded plastic kicking ring. Can be personalised by trimming to suit the kicker.¬†


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Kicking Tee, pop up
Code: 13 (J)

  • The height is varied using a screw thread system - guaranteed not to slip.
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